2015 Pilgrimage Blog

First a note on the blog! Sorry it stopped being updated, however the wifi was not what it could have been! The Facebook was slightly easier to update and so we focused on keeping you all up to date with that. Now we’re back the whole blog for the time we were away

Lourdes 2015: Day 7

What an early start! On the coach by 7:30! Not a huge amount to say about what we actually did, but needless to say a lot of excitement about getting home and also a sense of an ending: this was our last day together as a group! A very quick flight meant we arrived early and had a it of a wait for the coach- better than being late! And then when we we’re back to you all! A wonderful week, a prayerful week and a thankful week.


Thank you to you all for your support, your thoughts and your prayers.

Lourdes 2015: Day 6

Our last day! A more relaxed start to the day and a chance to catch up on sleep!! We then went down to the domain and light candles for all our benefactors and all those who asked for their intentions to be offered before Our Lady. 162 candles light for you all! In the afternoon there was free time for shopping etc, and another trip to play down at the meadow. In the evening we had mass with Group 183, which was wonderful and we had any items of devotion blessed. A very early night before an even earlier rise the next day!

Lourdes 2015: Day 5

The Beach!! A less sunny day on Friday but no rain so better than past years! After rescuing children the holes they’d put themselves in in the sand, we went and hand a wonderful lunch in the town, followed by a trip to a rather wonderful sweet shop- much teeth brushing that night!

Lourdes 2015: Day 4

Thursday was the day of the Trust mass. If you have never had the opportunity to see it, do Youtube it, it is mass like none else! After the annual tradition of pegging the celebrant (this year an Arch-Bishop), we were treated to a wonderful mass lead by the West Indies. That afternoon we spent a hot and sunny day down at the meadow playing football, frisbee, catch etc. Once we’d all called down, it was time for the fancy dress party, which was as impressive as ever, with the outfits ranging from Mario to Pirates to the tradition Nun outfit.

Lourdes 2015: Day 3

On Wednesday, we went up to the Church where St. Bernadette attend mass and was baptised to renew our baptismal promises. Watching the children be so silent and so prayerful as the walked round the Church was truly a wonderful experience. That afternoon we went to Hosanna House, HCPT base in Lourdes for yet another wonderful afternoon in the sun. This year there was a petting zoo there, which (for the most part) was thoroughly enjoyed. During mass at Hosanna House we took part in the anointing of the sick before heading back to the Hotel for much needed rest before an early start the next day!

Lourdes 2015: Day 2

Another amazing day here in Lourdes. After walking the Stations of the Cross in the morning, the group got painted up and head to the regional HCPT mass. Much pegging went on! After dinner it was time to wrap up warm and head out for the truly beautiful torchlight procession, which, as always, was a lovely experience.

Lourdes 2015: Day 1

After starting in the early hours and with many yawns and a few power naps along the way, Group 149 has made it to Lourdes (minus Fr. Tim’s suitcase!!!)!!!! Glorious weather, sunny blue skies which will (hopefully) be continuing all week. All unpacking now and looking forward to some well earned rest before the busy schedule starts in the morning.

God bless


Fr. Tim’s bag has been found! It decided that it wanted to spend some more time in Gatwick before jetting out to join him!

2 thoughts on “2015 Pilgrimage Blog

  1. Have a brilliant time all of you, thinking of you all there…and able to remember just where you all are, have fun guys….

  2. glad you all arrived safe and Fr Tims stuff arrived . Lol god bless you all . Glad the Suns shining xxx

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